Dress Guidelines

  • Ballet Classes- dancers must wear a leotard, pink footed tights and pink ballet shoes. No shorts. Ballet sweaters (tight to body) are allowed.  Skirts may be worn for Pointe Class. Hair must be in a secured bun for all ballet classes.

  • Commercial Dance Classes- dancers can wear a leotard, fitted tank top, or bra top with tights, dance shorts, or leggings.  Hair must be up and completely off the face.

Dance Shoe Guidelines

  • Ballet Classes- pink canvas ballet shoes.

  • Jazz/Musical Theatre/Lyrical Jazz Classes- tan slip-on jazz shoes.

  • Tap Classes- black Oxford tap shoes (black patent leather Mary Jane tap shoes for dancers age 8 and under).

  • Contemporary Classes- bare feet or nude canvas ballet shoes.

  • Modern Classes- bare feet.

  • Hip Hop Classes- clean sneakers.

  • For those approved for Pointe- is is highly recommended that you are fitted and purchase from the qualified professionals at The Dance Store only.  

Photo  Khali Macintyre Boyd

Photo Khali Macintyre Boyd