Below is the schedule of classes for our 2019 fall 2 session

Session Dates: Oct 28th-December 16th

( 7 weeks, no class Thanksgiving week 11/25-12/1)

  Our fall 2 session is $150/session for 1 class per week. $225/month gets you unlimited classes!


Front Studio

5:30pm  Beg/Inter Hip Hop// Ages 6-9         Ms Kate

6:30pm Beg Tap// Ages 6-9 Ms Kate

7:30pm  Inter Hip Hop//Ages 8-11           Ms Kate


Back Studio

4:00pm Ballet 4//by permission                          Ms Christine           

5:30pm Inter/Adv Contemporary Jazz// by permission Ms Christine

6:30pm Ballet 5//by permission          Ms Christine

8:00pm Pointe// by permission Ms Christine



Front Studio

4:30pm Ballet 1+2//Ages 6-7                            Ms Ana

6:30pm Beg Modern Dance//Ages 6-9               Ms Dina

7:15pm Beg Modern Dance//Ages 8-10               Ms Dina

Back Studio

3:30pm  Ballet/Tap Level 2//Ages 7-10              Ms Kate

4:30pm  Inter Lyrical Jazz//Ages 9 and up             Ms Kate

5:30pm Musical Theatre//by permission             Ms Kate

6:30pm  Inter/Adv Hip Hop//by permission           Ms Kate

7:30pm Adv Lyrical Jazz//by permission     Ms Kate 



Front Studio

4:30pm Beg Hip Hop//Ages 5-8                           Ms Kate

5:30pm Beg Hip Hop//Ages 5-8                           Ms Kate

6:30pm Beg/Inter Jazz//Ages 6 and up             Ms Kate

Back Studio

4:30pm Inter/Adv Modern Dance//Ages 10+         Ms Dina (45 min class)

5:15pm  Inter/Adv Contemporary//by permission Ms Dina

6:15pm Ballet 5//by permission                Ms Dina

7:45pm  Pointe//by permission    Ms Dina




Back Studio

9:00am  Ballet 2//Ages 7                                         Ms Dina

12:00pm Ballet 1//Ages 6 Ms Dina

1:00pm Inter/Adv Tap//by permission      Ms Christine

2:00pm  Company Corps & Soloist Class// by audition    Ms Christine

3:30pm  Competition Team Rehearsal// by audition         Ms Christine 

5:00pm Jr. Company Class// by audition Ms Christine

6:30pm Beg Tap//Ages 6-9 Ms Christine



Back Studio

10:00am  Ballet 3//by permission            Ms Dina

11:00am  Ballet 2//Ages 7                       Ms Dina

12:00pm  Ballet 1//Ages 6              Ms Dina

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 Please contact us at 323-255-5234, for more details and registration. We can send you a link to register online or you can do so by phone/in person. We look forward to hearing from you!

Trials: We recommend that all dancers try a class in advance before signing up for a full session. We offer one free trial class in advance of registration. Please call us at 323-255-5234 or email us on the schedule page to schedule a trial lesson. We cannot always accommodate walk-in trials and we do not offer trials for classes listed as full. Thanks so much, look forward to dancing with you!

Enrollment-TTDC Program ( ages 6 and up) We accept enrollment at any time, however, if you sign up after the 3rd week of the fall or winter semester, you will be required to take 1-2 private lessons ( at discretion of the instructor) at the rate of $35/3o min to get caught up. Ask a staff member for more details, we are happy to help! Tuition will be prorated based on the date of enrollment for the TTDC program as well.

Make-up Policy: We offer makeup classes for any missed classes. If you would like to makeup your class, please contact the studio via email or phone to schedule this in advance, we cannot always accommodate walk-in makeups and we do not offer makeups for classes listed as full.

** Please note! Makeup lessons cannot be used as credits towards future classes. They do not expire and can be used at any time but cannot roll over as tuition credit toward future sessions. Thank you. **

No-Refund Policy: We offer a free trial class in advance of signing up and we do not offer refunds after you have officially enrolled your child in class. If something does come up we can offer a credit towards future classes. If you have a medical circumstance, please contact the director and we can work something out for you. Thanks so much for your understanding.